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Tintypes, Jayne Hinds Bidaut

  In this beautifully-made and exquisitely- designed volume, 
Bidaut revives the lost art of the tintype. By combining the scientific and the classic: rare and exotic Insects, gracefully posed and draped Academy Figures, and Stereoscopic Nudes... this entire collection is given a timeless quality that invites readers to seek new meanings and interpretations from these provocative images.
Published in 1999, this fine art monograph includes 223 pages featuring 105 color plates, along with a hauntingly compelling essay about the artist and her work by  Eugenia Perry - The award winning writer and art historian.

Published by Graphis press

Animalerie, Jayne hinds Bidaut

 These meditative, sometimes haunting photographs are at once beautiful works of art and powerful statements. They draw us into the unsuspected "horrors and dramas" of the familiar pet shop and, like all real art, compel us to experience the depths and ambiguities beneath the surface of everyday life.
This volume contains 192 pages featuring 104 color plates of Bidaut's photographs along with an essay written by John Wood, probing the nexus between art and political statement which gives the images in Animalerie  both poetry and potency.

Published by UT press

All Images and Text © Jayne Hinds Bidaut -JHB Studio- 2023

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